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Saving Money on Home Remodels


Last year alone, over $40 million dollars were spent on home renovations and the average cost spent per home renovation was $50,000. That is a lot of money! Today we’re going to be talking about tips to save you money and time on your next home renovation. Follow these tips to make sure your home remodel is completed faster, allowing you to enjoy your “new home” much earlier than anticipated.


Today’s tip is about renting a dumpster during your home renovation. A dumpster? Yes, a dumpster is one of the most frequently overlooked necessities in new home construction and home renovation. This is because people usually don’t think it’s necessary. However, professionals make sure there is a dumpster available for every single remodeling or construction job.


Here’s why dumpsters are needed for home renovations. First, they provide a container in which to throw your construction junk. A rental company drops it off in your driveway or yard, making it very convenient for workers and homeowners to throw large pieces of dry wall, old pipes, and any other kind of junk away without stepping too far from where they are working. The work is done faster because there are less breaks and interruptions in the day to day process. Productivity is increased as more work is actually finished in one day, day after day.


The bonus with having a dumpster sitting in the yard is the motivation to spring clean everything, no matter what time of year it is. It is a great time to crawl through the entire house, workshop, garage and garden shed. Be ruthless in ridding yourself of all the old furniture, broken exercise equipment, rusted tools and anything else that has not been used in years. Do not waste the opportunity. You are paying for the dumpster anyway so make sure it is overflowing before it leaves your property.


Where can you rent a dumpster? How much does it cost? Is it really worth it? Luckily, there are many companies that rent dumpsters. Just make sure you do your research first as the prices vary greatly. DependableDumpsterRental.com makes it easy not only to find dumpster rental companies in your area, but also to find the best prices. The web site is a large directory of companies, offering dumpster rental services by geographic area. For example, click on the service area for the state where you live and you will see a list of companies.


Is it worth the cost? Dumpster rentals can cost anywhere from $30 to $80 per day of use while construction companies can cost thousands of dollars a day. If a dumpster helps shave a day off of the construction schedule, the dumpster made its money back and provides much more savings. See how that works? By using a dumpster, you save time which equals less money spent and a quicker completion time. Next time you are doing a big renovation or house construction, don’t even stop to think about it. Just order a dumpster and enjoy the savings of time and money.

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The Non-Glamorous Ad Agency Life

ad agencyWatching “Mad Men” can seduce people into thinking that advertising is such an interesting and glamourous profession. Don Draper certainly sexes it up. But the truth is, whoever thinks that the advertising business is glamourous is sadly mistaken.

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