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The Non-Glamorous Ad Agency Life

ad agencyWatching “Mad Men” can seduce people into thinking that advertising is such an interesting and glamourous profession. Don Draper certainly sexes it up. But the truth is, whoever thinks that the advertising business is glamourous is sadly mistaken.

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Being a Nurse Practitioner in Canada

In Canada, nurse practitioners are licensed by the province or territory in which they practice. Typically, they have a bachelor’s degree in nursing with advanced medical studies leading to various specializations. Basically, they are allowed to assume certain tasks that have traditionally been done by a physician.


There are 66 nursing programs in Canada. Out of these 66, only 12 offer nurse practitioner and certification. Most of these programs focus on primary care and are post-diploma and baccalaureate programs. There are 5 that provide a pediatrics specialty certificate for those interested in working with children.


Canadian nurse practitioners are primarily community-based in their scope of practice. Their roles are usually associated in working with a family physician. In such a setting, they can use their training in diagnosis, care management, assessing and prescribing certain medications and treatments. The majority of nurse practitioners work as part of a health team with other medical professions. They must work under legislation and protocols defined by the employer.


The role of the nurse practitioner is expected to grow in Canada in the next 10 years. The nurse practitioner can ease some of the pressure of the increasing demand for physicians in all parts of the country. As a qualified medical professional, the nurse practitioner has the training to do at least a preliminary assessment of most patients. Such assistance will continue to be an invaluable help to deal with the more than 5 million Canadians without a primary physician.


When a person decides to be a nurse practitioner, he or she should understand the full scope of both the academic and practical training required. They should know the contribution they will be able to make to the healthcare services:

  • Assess the patient
  • Diagnose common conditions and illnesses
  • Refer to treatment such as physiotherapy or a consultation with a dietician
  • Prescribe medications


As with any healthcare professional, nurse practitioners must be able to adapt to the ever changing health care needs of Canadians everywhere, continuously interpreting and applying new knowledge to improve practice.


Pros of the Profession of Nurse Practitioner

  • Jobs. Nurses are in high demand in Canada where immigration laws have recent been change to make it possible for nurses to immigrate to Canada without a job offer.


  • Feeling connected. You have the power to provide full care for patients, showing respect and allowing them dignity, no matter what their condition. You are not doing the work for profit, but rather for the inherent satisfaction of the service.


  • Income. You are not doing it for the money, but you will be well compensated. The average salary is $90,000 for a practitioner.



  • Competition. Gaining entrance to a program can be difficult if you don’t have exceptional grades.


  • Regulations. Some provinces have very restrictive regulations that are difficult to follow.


  • Being on-call. Your practice may have expectations that you be on call and you may or you may not receive extra compensation.


The pros outweigh the cons for most men and women who choose to be nurses. These dedicated professionals see their careers as a vocation, a calling to something higher. For them, the advanced training to become a nurse practitioner would be seen as an opportunity to provide even more service to the patients in their care.

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Saving Money on Home Remodels


Last year alone, over $40 million dollars were spent on home renovations and the average cost spent per home renovation was $50,000. That is a lot of money! Today we’re going to be talking about tips to save you money and time on your next home renovation. Follow these tips to make sure your home remodel is completed faster, allowing you to enjoy your “new home” much earlier than anticipated.


Today’s tip is about renting a dumpster during your home renovation. A dumpster? Yes, a dumpster is one of the most frequently overlooked necessities in new home construction and home renovation. This is because people usually don’t think it’s necessary. However, professionals make sure there is a dumpster available for every single remodeling or construction job.


Here’s why dumpsters are needed for home renovations. First, they provide a container in which to throw your construction junk. A rental company drops it off in your driveway or yard, making it very convenient for workers and homeowners to throw large pieces of dry wall, old pipes, and any other kind of junk away without stepping too far from where they are working. The work is done faster because there are less breaks and interruptions in the day to day process. Productivity is increased as more work is actually finished in one day, day after day.


The bonus with having a dumpster sitting in the yard is the motivation to spring clean everything, no matter what time of year it is. It is a great time to crawl through the entire house, workshop, garage and garden shed. Be ruthless in ridding yourself of all the old furniture, broken exercise equipment, rusted tools and anything else that has not been used in years. Do not waste the opportunity. You are paying for the dumpster anyway so make sure it is overflowing before it leaves your property.


Where can you rent a dumpster? How much does it cost? Is it really worth it? Luckily, there are many companies that rent dumpsters. Just make sure you do your research first as the prices vary greatly. DependableDumpsterRental.com makes it easy not only to find dumpster rental companies in your area, but also to find the best prices. The web site is a large directory of companies, offering dumpster rental services by geographic area. For example, click on the service area for the state where you live and you will see a list of companies.


Is it worth the cost? Dumpster rentals can cost anywhere from $30 to $80 per day of use while construction companies can cost thousands of dollars a day. If a dumpster helps shave a day off of the construction schedule, the dumpster made its money back and provides much more savings. See how that works? By using a dumpster, you save time which equals less money spent and a quicker completion time. Next time you are doing a big renovation or house construction, don’t even stop to think about it. Just order a dumpster and enjoy the savings of time and money.

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9 Tips for Choosing the Right Gym to Join

A surprising number of gyms have appeared out of nowhere because of the increasing number of people deciding they finally have to get into shape. The problem is there are so many types of gyms offering various packages at variable costs that it is difficult to decide which gym to join.


So here are some factors to help you choose the right gym.


  • Costs and contracts: contract and fees are generally the same in most gyms; however, there are a few points to remember before signing a contract. Gym membership is divided into an upfront fee and a monthly fee. Its prices depend on factors like the services the gym offers and the length of gym membership.


  • Additional charges: make sure you check exactly what is covered by the monthly fee; for example, parking or pool access. Ask if there are any additional charges attached. As long-term contracts can be difficult to terminate if you change your mind, ask if the gym offers trial or monthly memberships.


  • Quality of gym: ensure the gym is well established with a good reputation. It is better if the gym follows an industry code of practice making sure their staff are qualified to work in a gym and are covered by adequate insurance.


  • Location: People generally prefer travelling only 10 -15 minutes to reach their gym so they do not waste time. Be realistic about your transportation method and length of time. If the gym is too far away, it is easy to find reasons not to go.


  • Equipment: check for a variety of equipment such as strength training machines and treadmills and weights for cardiovascular exercise. There should be sufficient equipment for all gym members using the gym even at busy times. You might expect to wait five minutes or so to access a machine, but no longer. The gym should be equipped to handle the demand with clean, easy to use machines.


  • Classes: review the gym’s timetable to find out what classes they offer. While common classes are pump, boxing, spinning, Pilates and aerobics, some gyms offer their members optional classes such as weight loss challenges, nutrition advice, boot camp groups and personal training.


  • Atmosphere: large chain brand gyms offer the latest equipment and classes while smaller gyms offer a personal touch. Choose the gym based by its layout of work areas, its staff and other members. You should not only be comfortable in the gym, but also not feel embarrassed working out. Some gyms are only for women or offer women’s classes for those women who are uncomfortable working in mixed company.


  • Opening hours: make sure the gym is open when you would be likely to attend, including the weekends and holidays.


  • Trial session: visit the gym as a guest and try out the facilities at the same time you intend to workout. Check its parking, cleanliness, hygiene, ventilation, change room facilities, clientele and services.


Search for different gyms to make your comparisons, and finally make your decision. If you are still unsure, see if you can buy a month’s membership before committing to a long term one. With the help of these tips, you should find it much easier joining the gym of your choice.

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The Best Fitness Apps


Exercise is one of those things that everyone loves to take about, whether they participate in it or not. Those who do it love posting that they are at the gym or enjoy sharing their latest workout accomplishment. Those who don’t will still try to give advice even though they don’t exercise often anymore. The point is, there is a lot of information on exercise out there and this can pull us apart when we are trying to get back in routines. Fortunately, there are several iPhone and Android applications out there which will not only strive to keep us focused, but they will also provide guidance when needed.


There are several themes worth repeating when it comes to fitness. The larger ones are nutrition, cardio, and weights.  Need some help becoming fit? Here are the best fitness apps available on the market.


Nutrition Apps

GoodFoodNearYou does exactly what it says it does. When you are craving McDonalds, this app will do it’s best to steer you away. It targets healthy food options based on your current location and it is tracked by GPS. It offers dining, fast food restaurants, grocery stores and convenience store locations. Once you decide on what you want to eat, the app will guide you to your choice.


MyFitnessPal is an app with a fairly large database on food nutrition. It will help you log what you eat, and also has calorie information from some of the larger restaurants. Log in the food you are eating and the app will give you feedback on how healthy it is. It just doesn’t count calories. It will give you your cholesterol, vitamin and sodium intake, and other nutritional information. Another bonus with this service is the large online community where you can find support. The app also integrates with many other external activity tracker apps discussed below.


Cardio Apps

RunKeeper is an app with the capacity to track your route using GPS and other information. It will also track your speed and automatically upload your data to its website for storage and integration with other information about the routes you took, and even the elevation. In spite of its name, the app is not just for runners. It works well for hikers, cyclists and even skiers.


Are you new to exercising and are intimidated because of your inexperience? Couch to 5k (C25k) is the perfect app for you. It will give you a 9-week training regimen three days a week to guide you to improving your running. It is specifically designed to improve your endurance and has rest breaks programmed into each training session so you don’t feel overwhelmed.


Weight Lifting Apps

FitnessBuilder is your own personal gym guide book / trainer in an app. It costs $9.99 but it has over 200 workouts. The best part of the app is that it can automatically pick workouts and create the best routine for you. With thousands of images and videos and complete stat tracking capability, the app will do almost everything except actually move for you. If you want something less intense, the iFitness app is a lighter version of FitnessBuilder and it only costs $1.99.


What are you waiting for? Whether you are a novice to exercise or looking for a way to fight through your bench press plateau, you now have information to help you stand up and start moving. You know you’ll feel better for doing it.


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Infertility: Know the Statistics

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Pros and Cons of Being a Software Engineer

A software engineer is one of the most lucrative jobs in today’s market. With many other jobs being outsourced to India or the Philippines, the technical ability of a software engineer makes it impossible to do this full-time. There are software engineers in these countries, but it can be really difficult to find a very reliable one. A software engineer with 2-3 years of experience can easily make $120,000 a year. Being one however, is not for everybody. You have to be constantly learning new languages and the learning curve is very steep. Below we will discuss in depth the pros and cons.



You make a ridiculous amount of money. Very skilled software engineers are in demand. If you are decent at your job then you can easily make $100,000 in a few years.


Everyone needs a software engineer. In the cloud era, everything is digital. Every industry and type of business needs software engineers. Software is replacing people so most businesses look for software to replace lower wage workers.


Freelance. If you choose, you can do freelance projects. Not only do these pay well, but if you are the type of person to get bored at one job after a year, such a choice is excellent for you. Different projects are very stimulating, and once you are finished with them you don’t have to work on the upkeep.



School difficulties. There are so many languages out there and things are always changing. School is difficult and if you want to work for Google then you better be in the top 5% of your class. Internships are also very competitive.


Overtime work. If you have a good job, your employer will realize the need to keep hours around 40 per week so you do not burn out. However, most companies don’t treat their engineers this well. Employees who spend more time working than average often are not able to produce the best results.


Health issues. You will spend 8-9 hours a day sitting at desk, hunched over a keyboard. You may develop arthritis or back problems from sitting too long or bad eyesight from staring at a screen all day. This isn’t the job with the most variety physically, so be prepared to spend some time in yoga or at the gym to combat these conditions.


Poor project expectations. Have you ever had someone try to explain to you what they want but when you finally deliver, they just give you a blank look as if you are stupid because you didn’t do it the way they wanted? Even though you did it exactly as instructed, they just were incapable of explaining what they wanted. Welcome to the life of a software engineer. You might waste 40 hours working on something which just isn’t useful because someone can’t explain what they want correctly.



Many of the cons to being a software engineer can be dealt with accordingly. If you are interested in being a software engineer, enroll in an intro class at your local community college. You will very quickly learn whether you like it or not. If you know how to deal with people and love to learn continuously, then software engineering might be a good job for you.

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Getting Fit for Racing Season

Of course I have always had a bit of trouble making weight for running. I always ended up doing it, but it was difficult. Tired of hearing my complaint, a friend of mine recommended that I be proactive this year, and gave me the name of a personal trainer in Liverpool. I visited the man’s website and discovered he was an exercise physiologist with much experience in the field of sports medicine. I usually run 5ks and 10ks. My immediate goal is to be able to run a half marathon race in the next three months. After that I want to complete a marathon race. I want to do this is in less than a year from today.


I would always be motivated to reach my goals until the small things set in such as small but nagging, recurring injuries. I’ll do great training for two weeks then I’ll pull a muscle and be out for another two. It is usually the same muscles giving me problems, primarily the hamstring and calves which are the main muscles that are used to run. I need them to work reliably!


I recently learned that I have malnutrition. What does this have to do with making weight and nagging injuries? Apparently everything. My muscles don’t absorb enough nutrients because I don’t absorb enough magnesium and potassium. As a result, my muscles and bones are very prone to injury because they are not very strong due to malnutrition. My doc advised me to take extra nutrients such as magnesium, Vitamin D, potassium and calcium. I just started training again after my latest calf injury, and my body feels better than ever. I haven’t lost much weight yet, but my body feels better than ever after training. I was told if I stopped focusing on losing weight, and instead focused on training, I would lose weight before I even realized it.


I use some iPhone Apps to track the distance I run. It’s nice to just turn it on and not have to worry about figuring out how much I ran in training. I used to use MapMyRun which was doing a good job. My friend told me about the RunKeeper app. It shares my runs on Facebook which is really cool. It logs my speed, calories burned and even interval training stats. It will also post to their webpage so I can easily download their information and update my own personal training log.


I finally feel that I am becoming better at running since I started giving my body proper nutrition. I was able to do a 10k before, but my muscles would be so sore for the next week I could barely walk. I just did the Rock and Roll 10k race last weekend and I only had to rest for 2 days. I passed an amazing first day back in training without any aches. I’m really glad I went in to see my doc about my nutrition and take control of my body so I can enjoy my sport.

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Types of Arthritis


Arthritis is a word that means joint inflammation. This can happen when our tissues are damaged as a result of injury or natural reactions to disease. Signs of arthritis include pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints. There are actually over one hundred different kinds of arthritis. The most common ones are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. The symptoms of arthritis include pain, redness, tenderness, stiffness, swelling, and warmth. The symptoms will vary between different types of arthritis. Some or all of the above indicators may be present or only one or two.


Causes of Arthritis

The four factors medically determining the cause of arthritis are gender, age, obesity and type of physical labor. The older you become, the higher the risk of arthritis.  Arthritis is also known to occur more often in women than men. Obesity is a very obvious factor when it comes to arthritis. The more pressure you put on the joints, the greater the likelihood of arthritis occurring. Repetitive working motions can also cause arthritis. Arthritis in the wrist is common with anyone who spends a great deal of time working at a keyboard.


Kinds of Arthritis

If you suffer from any form of arthritis, you are not alone. One in three Americans has some form of joint pain or arthritis. The most common form is osteoarthritis and it affects more than twenty million Americans. The typical diagnosis for arthritis is through x-rays or MRIs. If you are diagnosed, there is treatment available. Common treatment procedures include medication, hot/cold therapy, exercise, surgery and joint protection. It is common for treatment to include several procedures.


There are more than 100 different kinds of arthritis. Based on the US government’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the main kinds of arthritis and arthritis associated conditions are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and fibromyalgia. These are some of the most popular kinds of arthritis. There is also a kind of arthritis closely related to psoriasis called psoriatic arthritis.


Prevent and Manage Arthritic Pain

The best way to not get arthritis is to take preventative measures. Exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, a healthy diet, and protecting your joints from undue stress and strain are all ways in which which you can prevent arthritis. If you exercise, you will keep your muscles strong which will help support and also help protect your joints.


An ergonomic specialist can help you choose the most appropriate furniture to ease strain on your joints and muscles. A few adjustments to the height or tilt of a chair can make all the different for a person at risk of arthritis who sits at a desk all day. There are also simple wrist rests, curved keyboards and other pieces of equipment for those people working at a computer hour after hour.


Arthritic pain usually increases gradually but there might be sudden acute pain and stiffness that are also indications that you have a problem. If you think you might have arthritis, it is important to consult with a physician. He will probably send you to a specialist for testing. Remember the longer you wait, the worse it will become, so attack arthritis head on to hold it under control.

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Ultrasound Technicians: 6 Things To Know About This Hot Career

The medical industry never seems to have an off year. Working as an ultrasound technician is a really good way to get your foot in the door. As we are about to show you, the education you will need is not too demanding and the salary is nice indeed.


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Selling Art Online – Steering the Status of Talented Artists

Selling Art OnlineWith the transition in the new face of technology, the process of selling art online has opened a new business segment and extended the entire client base. The ability to interact between sellers and buyers on a common platform is what has enabled many art crafters to sell their talent without having to hit the markets manually. Needless to say, they have gained a portfolio of solutions in internet art marketing.

As software and hardware infrastructure becomes more complex, there has been a growing need to stabilize the selling of art online. Because of this, our enterprise has been among the fast growing art-communities online. However, this has not come by chance; it has been through a diverse environment of IT that the enterprise has made its name as a premium art marketplace of purchasing and selling of fine art products, both prints and originals. With integrative power online tools, our art professionals and interactive site is committed in the provision of art galleries and creative art picturesque in a timely fashion.

When navigating the protocol for online art, one of the greatest components has been building an artist’s profile page. This involves the creation of a beautifully designed web page featuring contact info, biography of the owner, press releases, upcoming events, blog, art works among many other decorative applications. Therefore, this task of profile page creation has enabled us to keep up with business demands by translating business rules into software configurations.

Our next responsibility would be to serve clients by promoting their artwork. By digital photo upgrade, customers are able to promptly design their meticulously crafted artwork pieces custom-designed to attract high search engine rankings as well as promote online art sales. By selling print out graphics and related artworks, many have been able to empower their ability to do more with little while at the same time streamlining business processes.

Creation of graphical emails has not been left behind. This form of creative art has created exciting chances for people to design HTLM emails, send and track how many people open them. Wherever possible, the emails have been customized to include other sites’ images, head shots, artwork samples among many other art applications. Ever thought about creating a mosaic family picturesque with all face grins, a powerful moment during a family outing, an exhilarating action in a wedding setting and then distributing it across as slide shows and other equally enticing fashions?

Selling art online has also encompassed promoting events. With virtually little knowledge about real-event marketing, our enterprise has opened an infrastructure in an ongoing art implementation that has helped to reinvent the way artists do business; from tackling photography, graphics, drawings and paintings to the way they monitor their purchase. Therefore, with a unique visibility in the art platform, we have helped to define a mission-critical business process that allows artists to creatively innovate and deliver art and graphic solutions-not just from their own applications and line of work, but also from other systems to help foster a company-wide environment of accountability and reliability. You are welcomed to join our community in efforts to gain substantially new approaches of selling art online.

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Finding a Fun and Convenient Fitness Center

Choosing a fitness center that has everything you need can be tough!  Especially with all of the marketing they all have these days, it is easy to get suckered into a place that offers all the bells and whistles, only to find out a few months later that you don’t need half of what they offer, and  you are now locked in for another year and a half!  Here are some basic things you should consider before finding a fitness center that’s right for you.

First, don’t pay for what you don’t need.  The gym down the street offers free classes and free use of any trainers – that sounds great, right?  Well, stop and think first, do you really think you are going to use those things all the time?  If classes are your thing, and you wouldn’t mind changing up your fitness routine every few months, then by all means this sounds great for you!  But, if you enjoy working out alone, and only see yourself using a trainer one time, then don’t go for this option.  You can hire a trainer once to show you a general workout routine and still save a ton of money not paying for the use of a trainer in the months you wouldn’t use one.  Same for the classes, if you don’t use them often, use a pay as you go method.

You should look at the costs associated with any fitness center you choose.  Are you paying a bunch of overhead for juice bars, tanning beds, and saunas you will never use?  They may sound good now, but seriously ask yourself if you will still think the same after a few months.  Do you intend to use the fitness center as sort of a second home, or are you just in to get your workout done?  Don’t pay a bunch of money if you don’t intend to spend any great amount of time there.  If you find that you would love to utilize the extras, then by all means, but some people only have time for a workout and that’s it.  Don’t pay for something you won’t use.

You should also consider how far away the gym is from your home.  Let’s face it, if it isn’t close, or at least on your route home from work, do you really think you will go?  First of all, who wants to work out after working 8-10 hours a day, good for you for even trying to incorporate that!  Don’t make it worse by finding a gym that is 13 miles in the other direction, finding that you have to get back in your car and drive through traffic to get to your gym.  You will probably never go if you set it up this way.  The best thing would be to find a fitness center within walking distance, which is great because you can get your warm up and cool down done on the walk there and home!

These are just some of the things you should consider, you should also take time to visit the fitness centers in Irvine or in your home town, to make sure they have the equipment you would need.  Don’t set yourself up to fail when finding a fitness center.  If you make an educated choice, then you will find you can incorporate exercise into your lifestyle very easily.

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